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Forgotten - Cat Patrick I read the synopsis for Forgotten and thought the memory-reset idea would play out well on audio format. And it does work well, but you really have to be a very active listener because of the main character’s short-term memory loss to be sure you don’t miss anything. The concept hooked me and made me want to keep listening to find out the root of London’s memory lapses, and why she can see flash-forwards. Ultimately the payoff wasn’t as exciting as I had imagined, though it is an interesting ride overall.London wakes up everyday and reviews her notes and then goes off to school. If she doesn’t remember to write something down then life can get very confusing for her. The only people in on her little secret are her mother and her best friend Jamie. I thought it was interesting how she handled certain situations where her memory fails by taking a look at the future for clues. It sounds confusing, and it is, and I was trying to pay close attention to all the details about future, past, current and dream events to piece it all together.Luke is a sweet love interest for London, and super patient with her. They do have close calls where her memory issues threaten to be exposed, and I wondered when he would catch on. The whole time I was reading I was trying to think of the movie this situation reminded me of, and it’s 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, where she also has short-term memory loss. I was very intrigued with the mystery of why Luke didn’t appear in London’s future, and just when I thought I figured it out there was a new twist.Veteran reader Julia Whelan narrates the audio. I’m familiar with her from Die For Me so was confident that she would do well with the material. She is great with the voice of London, and sounds like a teenager, and speaks clearly and with a nice pace. She conveys London’s different emotions well, and brings the mysterious plot to life. She does use different voices for the characters, but I preferred her voice for London and the female characters best. Like I said before, the nature of the story is a bit mysterious and confusing, so you have to pay close attention. I usually don’t rewind audiobooks to listen to passages again, but I was tempted with this book. This is a short audio of only 6 hours, and it kept me entertained throughout. I have other audiobooks by Julia Whelan and look forward to listening to more from her.I liked the mystery of Forgotten, and that the story is different from the norm. It has a lot to offer from mystery, and romance, to family drama. Though the ending did not quite live up to its promise for me, I’m still glad I read it. Forgotten is a standalone book, and I look forward to picking up Cat Patrick’s next offering Revived, due out in May.