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Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly Beautifully written and complex, Revolution is a unique and satisfying book. It’s a very ambitious novel with two interwoven points of view – part historical fiction and part present day tale of grief and healing. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am still digesting it days later.Revolution starts off with a bang when we follow Andi’s path of self-destruction in the present in Brooklyn. She is flawed, and grieving, and a bit of a mess, but smart and sympathetic. I related to her turning to music to help her get through the day. The music aspect of the novel was one of my favorite parts. I thought the music that Andi and the other musicians covered such as The Smiths were really appropriate to the story. I need to make a Revolution playlist.I’m just starting to become interested in historical fiction and am not an expert on the French Revolution and I found the historical aspect of the book fascinating. I was as just as invested in the story told in the diary as Andi’s story in present day.Once I hit about page 50 of the novel, the pages started flying and I couldn’t stop reading until I was finished. The story incorporated so many interesting themes, and I was always entertained. There is a love story, friends and family relationships, depression and grieving, music therapy, and even some magical realism. This is the first book I have read by Jennifer Donnelly and I was very impressed. I will definitely check out her book A Northern Light, and am looking forward to reading more from this author.