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The Secret Year

The Secret Year - Jennifer R.  Hubbard The Secret Year is a bittersweet debut novel by Jennifer Hubbard. This book tells the story of Colt, a high school student who had a secret relationship with Julia. Julia suddenly dies in a car accident and Colt must grieve in secret since no one knew about their relationship. Colt and Julia's relationship was complicated since she already had a boyfriend and met with Colt in secret. At school they pretended not to know each other. Also, they were in different social circles and backgrounds. After Julia's death, her brother gives Colt a journal that Julia had written addressed to Colt. He gets some insight into her feelings that she had never shared with him in person. This helps him with his grieving process and to provide some closure.We follow Colt through the year after Julia's death, and see how he deals with his grief and guilt, and starts to trust and let his friends and family members in. This was a sweet sad story about grief, friendships and relationships. I would be interested to read more from this author.