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The Body Finder (Body Finder Series #1)

The Body Finder  - Kimberly Derting The Body Finder is the first book in a new YA series. Violet Ambrose has a dark gift - she can sense dead bodies. Animals or humans- their unique death echo calls to her. She has been finding these bodies since she was a young girl. Her parents have hidden this talent and only her closest friend Jay knows about it.When a serial killer is on the loose preying on young girls in her town, she uses her ability to do some of her own detective work. She can track the killers by sensing the imprint that their victims leave behind. Violet is also dealing with her romantic feelings for Jay, who has been her friend since they were kids.The story is told from Violet's perspective, however we also get a scary look inside the mind of the serial killer. This was a spooky debut, with a unique spin in the YA paranormal genre. I'm curious to see what happens next in the series.