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Storm Glass

Storm Glass - Maria V. Snyder I thoroughly enjoyed this book!Storm Glass is the first book in the Glass trilogy. This is a spin-off of the Study series by Maria V. Snyder and focuses on Opal, the glass magician. She is studying Magic at the Keep with the master magician Zitora, and her powers with glass magic are explored in this book. Opal is called in as a glass expert on an investigation with the stormdancers (they harness energy from storm's into a glass orb to use as an energy source). She needs to help them figure out why their orb's are shattering. This leads to a bigger investigation.There is mystery, action, fantasy, friendship, girl power, and a sprinkling of romance in this story. I was excited to see there were some familiar faces in this book from the Study series! I was glad to get back into the Study series world with the familiar characters. You don't need to read the Study series first before reading this book, however I think it would add to the experience.Fans of the Study Series, or the Graceling series, or other Young Adult Fantasy would enjoy this book.Can't wait to read the next book Sea Glass!