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Soulless (Parasol Protectorate Series #1)

Soulless (Parasol Protectorate Series #1) - Soulless is a really fun read. It is an Urban fantasy/British Victorian/Steampunk style book written in a very witty tone. This story grabbed me from the very first pages. The story and style is highly original and refreshing and kept me laughing and entertained throughout.Soulless tells the story of Alexia, a soulless spinster who lives in a world of vampires and werewolves with her mother and step-sisters. She has the ability to neutralize the powers of other supernaturals with a touch. Alexia is really funny and intelligent and gets involved with a police case investigating missing vampires. There are also a great cast of supporting characters in the book, as well as some romance.This book is a great start to a new series - and I can't wait to read the next book [b:Changeless|6933876|Changeless (The Parasol Protectorate, #2)|Gail Carriger|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51nyWyrrxxL._SL75_.jpg|7165488]!