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Shadows (A Lux Novella)

Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout The first book in the Lux series, Obsidian, caught me off guard with its fresh and exciting brand of Sci-Fi action romance. Obsidian is pure fun and entertainment and leaves you craving for more. I jumped at the chance to read this novella to learn more about the mysterious events hinted at in Obsidian and to get more insight into the alien world.The setup of the series is a group of displaced aliens set up home in West Virginia, including the Black triplets: Dawson, Daemon, and Dee. They are supposed to keep a low profile, blend in and stick to themselves, while fighting off another evil faction of aliens that’s after their powers. The first book focuses on Daemon and the challenges that occur when sparks fly between him and human newcomer Katy. In this prequel we find out the story behind Dawson’s ill-fated romance with human Bethany.At first I thought I wouldn’t be as engaged with Dawson and Bethany’s story as I was with Daemon and Katy’s. But, I was quickly won over by Dawson’s sweet nature, and rooting for a different outcome than the inevitable. They are really interesting characters in their own right and help to round out the group. Their story also helps shed some character insight into stormy Daemon’s behavior. The brothers couldn’t be more opposite, but have a fierce family loyalty all the same. If you found Daemon too mean or over the top, prepare to be won over by Dawson.The story is told in dual narration so we get to see Bethany’s reaction to the alien family, and get cool tidbits from Dawson’s life at home. Bethany likes to paint, and she has an adorable baby brother. She is less feisty than Katy, but rolls with the punches pretty well considering the circumstances, and the frosty reception from the other alien sibs Ash, Adam and Andrew. Dawson and Bethany’s romance is bittersweet but I remain hopeful that their story will continue somehow.The novella is a generous size at 180 pages and it packs in a lot of story that adds a new dimension to the Lux series. Even though it is a prequel, I think it works better to read it after Obsidian. Shadows is a worthwhile read for Obsidian fans and a nice distraction while waiting for the next installment. I’m even more eager to read Onyx, due out this August.