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Shift (The Shade Trilogy)

Shift - Jeri Smith-Ready As a big fan of 2010′s paranormal Shade, I was hopeful the sequel would be just as great. Shade was a fun and exciting kick-off to the series and all the elements came together perfectly. The sequel, Shift, is a worthy follow-up with more action, mystery and surprises to satisfy fans of the first book. The series continues to out-shine the competition.In Shift, Aura is trying to move on with Zachary, but this is complicated with her ghostly ex-boyfriend Logan still lingering. Logan and Aura are trying to distance themselves but circumstances pull them together yet again. Logan’s ghostly talents are also evolving, and that adds some complexity to their relationship. They have a touching relationship, and it’s hard not to feel sympathetic for Logan’s predicament.Aura and Zachary continue on their research project and look into the Shift and their family histories to try to make sense of it all. They try to make their relationship work but the odds seem stacked against them. Aura’s love life is even more complex with the addition of a third love interest. Her romantic choices will definitely keep you on your toes in this book.Shift is exciting with the many plot twists and turns that make it an emotional roller coaster. The writing is sharp, the characters well developed, and the suspense level is high. The story answers some big questions from the previous book while also adding new questions to lead into the final installment. The story deftly balances paranormal, relationship, and mystery elements to spin a thrilling story.Shift is book two of a trilogy and the final installment Shine is due out in 2012. Can’t wait to read it.