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Indelible: Yara Silva Trilogy, Book 2

Indelible - Lani Woodland In Indelible, the sequel to last year’s Intrinsical, Yara Silva, a Waker who can communicate with ghosts, faces more challenges and excitement in her new school year at Pendrell Academy. After spending the summer in Brazil with her grandmother and mentor Vovo, fine-tuning her Waker abilities, she’s ready for action. However, she would like some time to spend getting reacquainted with boyfriend Brent, and best friend Cherie before getting pulled into another mystery. Unfortunately, Yara starts her senior year off on the wrong foot by angering a new ghost, introduced to her by mysterious new boy DJ, and once again Yara finds herself embarking on a dangerous mission.I enjoyed Indelible just as much as Intrinsical, and found Yara’s journey thrilling and emotionally satisfying. There is a smooth transition from the last book in the series, and a brief recap of the events that helped to refresh my memory. Indelible builds upon the story from the first book very nicely, with the familiar blend of surprises, suspense, sacrifice and charm I enjoyed in Intrinsical.Yara has some help and moral support from her family this year as her parents and Vovo are now living nearby. I was thrilled to see Vovo’s character featured prominently in this book, since she interested me so much through her limited appearances in the first book. She holds the key to a lot of the answers Yara seeks and it’s interesting to get more insight into Waker history. She is one of Yara’s biggest supporters and always there with her fresh baked cookies, and special herbs and jewelry to protect Yara in her dangerous line of work. Along with the familiar carryover characters from Intrinsical, there are some new characters introduced that further complicate Yara’s life.I enjoyed seeing Yara’s character growth and how she is managing her gift and facing her fears. Her relationship with Brent is tested as he is struck with a serious illness, and once again Yara faces some tough choices as she battles ghosts, villains and her own internal demons.The plot twists kept my interest level high throughout the book, and the even pace made it a quick read. The mystery, characters, relationships, and emotional story make this a standout YA paranormal series. I think readers of Intrinsical will enjoy the compelling sequel even more. If you haven’t read Intrinsical, Indelible works well as a self-contained story, though you will get more out of it by reading Intrinsical first. I can’t wait to see what happens in the final book of the trilogy, Inevitable.