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Demonglass: A Hex Hall Novel

Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins Demonglass is book two in the Hex Hall trilogy by Rachel Hawkins. I liked Hex Hall and the humor that sets it apart from other paranormal boarding school type books. Demonglass continues down the same witty and action-packed path and is as enjoyable as it’s predecessor.This time around it’s Summer break and our spunky heroine Sophie packs her bags for England where she gets to bond with her dad before going through the Removal process. She wants to have her demon powers removed so that she can avoid hurting those around her. But even though the setting has changed from boarding school to English mansion, some of Sophie’s friends end up tagging along. She brings along her best pal Jenna the vampire and unexpectedly Cal, the school healer is asked to join them as well. A few other familiar faces turn up too to cause mischief and mayhem. I liked the mansion setting and the addition of the new characters to freshen up this installment. It was a nice surprise to see Sophie’s father and learn more about him to satisfy my curiosity from the first book.In addition to learning more about her heritage and her demon powers, Sophie is still dealing with the aftermath of her entanglement with Archer. She is conflicted about her feelings for him, and to complicate matters he has also been spotted in England. The stage is set for Sophie to star in a love triangle with the dangerous warlock Archer and the older and father-approved healer Cal.Sophie has some excitement in England when she gets caught up in a mystery with some new friends. She gets to play with her powers and it is fun to see her around other paranormals in these situations. The new characters bring a sense of the unknown, as it is hard to know whom to trust.Overall this is a fun, fast-paced and action packed series and fans of the first book won’t be disappointed with the sequel. The game changing ending has me anticipating the final book in the series. I recommend this series to fans of YA paranormals such as Paranormalcy, Clarity or the Mortal Instruments. The final Hex Hall book is due out in 2012 so there is plenty of time to catch up with this series.