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Fury (Fury (Hardcover - Trilogy))

Fury - Elizabeth  Miles I was originally attracted to the gorgeous cover of Fury and as a bonus also interested in learning more about The Furies. The idea of these sisters who seek vengeance for those that break their moral code seemed like a great idea for a book. It would be nice to see the mean kids in high school pay for a change, right? While I didn’t learn as much about the motives of the fury sisters as I’d like, my curiosity is piqued. Fury reads like a high school horror novel where teen’s bad choices have deadly consequences and the furies are happy to dole out a punishment befitting the crime. Fury is a fresh take on karma and vengeance mixed with mythology and it’s full of mystery and suspense.The characters of Fury are generally unlikable and selfish and did not generate a lot of sympathy. I felt disconnected with the main characters and thought they shouldn’t get away with their actions, but does their punishment fit the crime? Em and Chase are the two marked characters that alternate narration of the story. Both of them have made some poor decisions and hurt some innocent people in the process. Three mysterious girls are then waiting in the wings with their orchid ready to mark and pass judgment on these misguided characters. I wondered how they arrived at their targets when there are so many teens of questionable morals to choose from.In many ways Fury reads like a horror novel with the way that the Furies stalk their victims. They are pretty harsh with their punishment, and I wondered what there motives were and how they came to be in Ascension. It is a nice change of pace to see the selfish and mean teens get a dose of karma, though I felt so detached from the characters that the punishment lost some meaning. It would be interesting to get inside the head of the Furies to see their thought process and their moral compass chart. The Furies came off as fairly villainous in their appearances, and I wonder whose side I’m supposed to be on.The action at the end of the book did get exciting with a twist game changer finale that sets up some intriguing stories for the sequel. I plan to check out the follow up, Envy, to see how things play out and I’m interested to see more from one of the more likable characters, Em’s friend JD. Fury has a suspenseful story that is reminiscent of the series Pretty Little Liars. It should appeal to fans of YA horror type books with its drama and high creep factor.