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Personal Demons (Personal Demons Series #1)

Personal Demons - Lisa Desrochers 3.5 starsFrannie is struggling with her faith due to a tragic family accident that she feels responsible for. She’s the outsider in her religious family and even gets kicked out of Catholic school. Now Frannie attends Haden “Hades” High and meets transfer student Lucifer “Luc” Cain. Frannie is drawn to bad boy Luc immediately, and he seems to pay her a lot of attention. However, his intentions are less than pure as he is on a mission to tag her soul for Hell. It’s not just demons that are interested in Frannie, though. Heaven has sent angel Gabriel to make sure Luc is not successful in his mission. Gabe is sent to help guide Frannie to make the right decision for her soul. Their mission becomes muddled though when both Gabe and Luc start to fall for Frannie. Who will ultimately claim her soul and her heart?This book is entertaining with the battle over Frannie’s soul and the mystery of why Frannie’s soul is such a hot commodity. There is a sense of danger with Luc and the other demons that are after Frannie. But for the most part this book is about the love triangle between Frannie, Luc and Gabe. Frannie has a hold over both of them and seems to want whichever one she happens to be with at the time. It is interesting that Frannie manages to capture the romantic interest of two powerful beings and it makes their jobs all the more complicated. It adds more interest to the story to have a demon and angel as the romantic leads.The book is told through alternating POV between Frannie and Luc. Since Luc gets to share his POV, it is easier to sympathize more with his side of things rather than Gabe’s. Gabe remains more of a mystery so it’s harder to connect with his character. I liked the alternating POV, although Luc comes across very juvenile for someone who is an ancient demon. The attraction to Luc (and Gabe) happens very quickly for Frannie, and she can be irritating with her mercurial behavior. One minute she professes her love for one character, and the next she is tempted by the other.Personal Demons has an interesting good versus evil story going. This first installment provides a good jumping off point for the sequel with plenty to explore for these engaging characters. It is a fun, sexy, and fast paced read. Personal Demons should appeal to fans of romantic YA paranormal books such as Hush, Hush and Nightshade. Look for the sequel Original Sin in stores this week.