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Love Story

Love Story - Jennifer Echols Love Story is the first book I have read by Jennifer Echols, who is known for the contemporary romance's Going Too Far and Forget You. I'm just getting my feet wet reading contemporary romance and this book caught my eye. Love Story is a sweet romance that is a perfect summer read. With the fast pace and fresh, interesting story device and characters, summer readers will finish this book before the sun goes down.Erin grew up in Kentucky with her grandmother and their racehorse farm. She has big dreams to become a writer in New York, much to her grandmother's dismay. When Erin leaves to go to school in New York as a Creative Writing major, her grandmother cuts her off financially in favor of the stable boy, Hunter, who has agreed to take over the farm business. Then, surprise, Hunter shows up at the same college and creative writing class as Erin. Hunter picks the most inopportune moment to walk into class, just as Erin is reading the class a steamy romantic story starring the "stable boy." Hunter follows up with his own steamy story to counter Erin's, and soon they have the class eating out of their hands.Erin and Hunter have plenty of family history and bad blood between them to overcome. They become reacquainted through their stories as well as outside of class. Now the tables have turned and Hunter is the one with the free ride while Erin struggles to make ends meet as she dines on peanut butter crackers.My favorite part of the book is the creative writing class. I loved the stories that Hunter and Erin wrote and the creative way they told their shared history. Each of the characters gets to share a story with the class on alternating weeks and it is read and critiqued by peers. Erin and Hunter use this opportunity to send a message to the other through their romantic, funny, or tragic story. The peer critiques and responses are very interesting too, especially as they debate the merits of romantic stories for a creative writing class.Erin and Hunter are interesting characters, and they have the perfect amount of tension and chemistry between them. Hunter is a charismatic love interest, and Erin is hard working and focused on her goals. They both are coming to terms with their self-identity. The issues they face are ones many readers can relate to such as family relationships, career hopes and fears, and first love. The many layers of the story kept my interest level high.I didn't love the ending of the book and felt it was a bit rushed. But, overall I found the story and the characters engaging. Recommended for fans of Jennifer Echols and contemporary romance, Love Story is a good choice for your summer reading.