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Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey, #3.5)

Summer's Crossing - Julie Kagawa Puck and Ash are back in an all-new Iron Fey novella. This time the sunny Puck and the icy Ash are paired together on a rescue mission to the Summer Court. They need to work together to make this work, but can they set past grudges aside? In Summer’s Crossing, Puck gets his time to shine and share his side of the story.I wanted to read this novella to revisit the Iron Fey world while waiting for October’s The Iron Knight. This novella bridges the gap between The Iron Queen and The Iron Knight and provides a fun adventure with two favorite characters. Will Puck get his revenge on Ash or is this the start of a new bromance?I enjoyed this novella narrated by the comic relief of The Iron Fey. It is a treat to get a glimpse in Puck’s head. His merry prankster ways counter emo Ash so nicely. We get to see what Puck thinks about his relationships with Meghan and Ash as he works through his feelings. Puck has some witty sound bites that kept me laughing throughout the book. I also liked seeing Puck’s devious side as he cooks up a plan. That Puck is a complex fellow.Overall this is a light and fun Iron Fey adventure. The writing is witty and provides some interesting insight into the character of Puck. Even the chapter titles are funny and perfectly set the tone. Summer’s Crossing is definitely worth a read while you are waiting for Ash’s story The Iron Knight to be released October 25.