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Between Here and Forever

Between Here and Forever - Elizabeth Scott Abby’s older sister Tess is in a coma after a car accident. Abby has always felt less worthy than Tess and is jealous of her sister’s beauty and charisma. Now that she lies in a hospital bed, Abby visits Tess daily to try to help her wake up. Her motives are not entirely selfless though. Abby wants Tess to get better so that she can leave town with a free conscience after high school. She does not want to have to stay in town out of guilt. She is not having much luck reviving Tess until handsome Eli comes in. Abby swears she sees Tess’s eyelids flutter at the sound of his voice. She decides to bring him in to try to help wake the comatose Tess, even if it means he falls in love with Tess the way so many others have before. As she accepts the fact that Tess may never be the same, she starts to see value in herself and being able to see those closest to her as they really are.This book is an emotional read and covers issues galore. It is satisfying to read a book with so many rich and layered characters and to see the character’s growth throughout the book. Abby starts out with low self esteem to the extreme. She can’t imagine anyone would take notice of her when her sister’s around, and that if they did it’s only to get close to her sister. Abby is barely holding it together, and doing the best she can to manage her family crisis. However, her lack of self worth comes off as frustrating and irritating at times, especially in the first half of the book. She definitely has some stumbling blocks to overcome. Eli is sweet as the love interest. He is much more than the gorgeous guy that Abby idealizes under the surface.Everyone has something to hide in this book. As the story unfolds we find out secrets about all the characters. The book came together for me in the second half when the secrets and issues come to light. The book does not shy away from hard-hitting issues and this gives the story more depth and interest.This book is a fast read with interesting and layered characters and a compelling story. Fans of Elizabeth Scott’s other contemporary books should enjoy this one as well. I haven’t read the author’s first book, Bloom, but apparently there are some familiar characters in this book from Bloom. I’m curious to read that one next. This is the third book I’ve read by Elizabeth Scott, and I’m impressed by her writing and flawed and realistic characters. Her next book As I Wake is due out September 15 2011.