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Pretty Little Liars #5

Wicked - Sara Shepard I read this book after taking a six-week break from the series due to library availability. I recently picked up the four final books in the series and I’m reading them back-to-back. Glad to get back to this series. However, it’s kind of nice to take a little break between these books, otherwise they blur together. It was easy to pick up the story again, and Sara Shepard does a nice job of catching you up to speed at the beginning of each book.The Pretty Little Liars series is the story of four friends living in Rosewood Pennsylvania: Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer. They are trying to solve the mystery of who killed their friend Ali, and who is their blackmailer “A?”After finding out the identity of “A” and Ali’s killer in Unbelievable, the fifth Pretty Little Liars book feels like a new beginning for the series. But what’s this? There’s a new “A” blackmailing the four girls? And did they really catch the right killer? It’s more confusing than ever in Rosewood.Spencer wonders if she was adopted, Aria’s inappropriate taste in men comes back to haunt her in a big way, Emily is dating a guy(!) and Hanna is dealing with her new living arrangement with step-sister to be Kate.The girls begin receiving the mysterious and threatening texts again. “A” is on a warpath and intent on bringing down the girls. It feels like things are spiraling out of control again. Some of the people in Rosewood that seem very suspicious to me are Kate, Officer Wilden, Ali’s brother Jason, and Spencer’s sister Melissa. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised who the killer is or who “A” is or if Ali is even dead.The series is still fun, enjoyable and surprising with the twists and turns. This installment poses more questions than answers, but I’m still along for the ride. What will happen in the next installment Killer?