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Pretty Little Liars #7

Heartless - Sara Shepard Heartless is the penultimate installment in the Pretty Little Liars series of 8 books. This book was very exciting and pulled me in so many different directions. I was questioning all I have learned from the series so far. Evil “A” has upped the ante and has the four girls from Rosewood wrapped around her finger.Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are now the laughing stocks of Rosewood and have been dubbed “The Pretty Little Liars” due to their unsubstantiated stories. The police no longer believe them, and the girls are more driven than ever to solve the mysteries and clear their name.The new and even more devious “A” has sent the girls on a wild goose chase in all different directions hunting clues. Emily gets sent to an Amish settlement to follow a lead that fingers one of the persons under suspicion in Rosewood. Aria follows a spiritual path and tries again with a seance. Hanna gets sent to an institute by her father who wants her to try therapy to deal with her eating disorder and stress. And Spencer finds plenty of suspicious activity and clues a little closer to home.I had thought with the next to the last book we would be closer to solving this thing. I was so confused with this book! I thought Emily could be on the right path with her adventure. There may be enough clues at this point to solve the crime if you really dig deep. I don’t think I have it right at this point. Another shocking cliffhanger will have you ready for the final installment in the series: Wanted.