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Wanted (Pretty Little Liars Series #8)

Wanted - Sara Shepard Wanted is the final book in the Pretty Little Liars 8 book series. The series so far has been quite a ride and this book is no exception. The final book is full of surprises and suspense and addresses many of the major questions hanging over the series.There were many suspects in the killing of Rosewood’s Ali, but who really did the deed? And was Ali dead after all? In the end, I thought the killer’s identity plot device was a bit gimmicky and cliche. I wondered why were the girl’s so trusting of Courtney? Have they learned anything throughout this series? The ending was appropriately dark and creepy and in keeping with the series. I don’t think there were enough clues presented in the series to figure out the ending, but some clues are there if you dig deep enough.The series overall is highly entertaining for teens and adults alike. I’m glad I read this series and I’m sure it will enhance my enjoyment of the ABC Family series.