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Bumped - Megan McCafferty Bumped is a different sort of dystopian book. It has a biting sense of humor, original slang and fast pace that sets it apart. This fascinating dark comedy addresses issues such as teen pregnancy in a unique and interesting way that is relevant to today’s world.At the surface both Melody and Harmony are over the top characters that fit a certain stereotype. Melody is obsessed with getting bumped, her image, and trying on fake bumps. Harmony comes off as a satirical religious fanatic. But once Melody’s arranged conception match, the infamous Jondoe, comes into the picture, we find that there is more substance beneath the surface.The book touches on such hot-button themes as teen pregnancy, religion, consumerism, and the media and provides much food for thought. Relationships between friends, sisters and family are also explored. Once I got used to the slang the story really clicked for me. The world building is well done, and the story provides an interesting commentary on the world today. The ideas are even scarier because it’s easy to imagine the world headed in this direction.Recommended for fans of Young Adult looking for a unique, smart and satirical read. Bumped is the first book in a series.