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Kat, Incorrigible

Kat, Incorrigible - Stephanie Burgis This is such a fun and magical book. I was originally drawn to this book by the whimsical cover and found that the charming story matched the cover perfectly. This book was written for ages 10 and up and I would have loved to read it at that age. It is a great story though that can be enjoyed by anyone that enjoys a great adventure story with a precocious young heroine, lively characters, humor, mystery, magic, historical fiction and family drama.Twelve-year-old Kat is smart, mischievous and brave. She gets herself involved in hilarious adventures to the dismay of her older sisters and step-mama. Kat is one of those characters that are a few steps ahead of the adults around her. She will do anything to protect her sisters, even if it involves using her newly discovered magical talents. Kat steals the show in this book and is an awesome heroine to root for.The story is set in England in 1803. Kat’s adventurous spirit is looked down upon, especially when she cuts her hair like a boy in order to run away and save her sister from an arranged marriage. Experimenting with magic is scandalous behavior and something Kat must sneak around to do. The historical aspect adds to the enjoyment of the book and the tone comes off as fresh and new.The supporting characters also help bring the story to life. Her sisters, Elissa and Angeline, are well-developed characters with their own stories to tell. It is clear that the sisters love and care for each other deeply. Despite their bickering, the sisters have each other’s best interest at heart. Family relationships are explored in one of the central themes of the book. All of the characters are interesting and add to the story. We learn a little about everyone and there is lots of room to explore more about the characters in the sequel.Kat, Incorrigible is the first book of a trilogy and the follow up titled Renegade Magic will be out in the US in April 2012.This cute book should appeal to the Middle Grade crowd, as well as to fans of YA. Kat, Incorrigible is a one of a kind book that will leave you smiling.