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Dark Mirror (Dark Mirror Series #1)

Dark Mirror (Dark Mirror Series #1) - Dark Mirror is the first book in a unique new YA series by M.J. Putney. It is a historical fiction novel set in England in 1803 about Lady Victoria “Tory” Mansfield and her paranormal adventures. This book actually tells two historical stories in one through the magic of time travel. Along with a bit of romance, this book has it all!Tory has just discovered she has some magical power when she finds herself floating above her bed. This power soon comes in handy and helps her to save a young boy’s life. Her family, however, is shamed rather than grateful for Tory’s magic and immediately sends her away to Lackland Abbey to learn to control her magic with other mages. In the beginning Tory wants to be cured, but soon is intrigued to learn more about her new powers. She suddenly finds herself on a new adventure when she stumbles through a magical time travel mirror 100 years in the future. She finds herself wondering why she is there and if she was sent there with a higher purpose.This book starts out a bit slow, but I was soon caught up in the story and found myself quickly turning the pages. I thought the historical aspect was fascinating and seeing how the future England compared and was similar to Tory’s present day England. The book got more interesting and exciting for me once Tory travels to the future. Although her classmates and teachers at Lackland are intriguing, it felt like the plot moved along more swiftly when the action moved to the future and with the added characters.The magical aspect is compelling and it is interesting to see the different powers her classmates possess. There are all kinds of mages in the book including those that control the weather, create heat, or can heal. In addition to practicing magic, Tory is also involved in the beginnings of a romance. The romance angle is not a huge part of the book, which is more about Tory learning about her powers. I’m curious to find out what happens in the sequel.I liked the descriptive writing and the imaginative story, and felt like I was transported in time reading this book. I recommend this series for fans of paranormal, romance, fantasy and historical fiction.