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Nevermore - Kelly Creagh Isobel Lanley is a high school cheerleader and is in the popular crowd at school. Varen Nethers is a sullen, rebellious Goth far outside of Isobel's social circle. Isobel is horrified when she is paired with Varen on a team writing assignment. Varen is not happy about it either, but decides to make the best out of the situation and chooses Edgar Allen Poe as their subject. Isobel's controlling boyfriend Brad is threatened by Varen, and she must keep their study sessions a secret. As Isobel works with Varen she finds herself impressed by his writing and tries to spend as much time with him as she can. She finds herself drawn to Varen's dream world where the stories of Edgar Allen Poe come to life.Nevermore is creative and original in the way the book incorporates Poe's writings. This would be perfect to read around Halloween time, which is when the action of the book takes place. Since the book makes references to many of Poe's writings it would be fun to read Poe's work along side the book. Nevermore is exciting, spooky and romantic and full of surprises.Isobel is a smart and driven, sensitive protagonist. Varen is brooding, intelligent, artistic and complex. As the cheerleader and the undertaker, Isobel and Varen make an unlikely yet swoon-worthy couple. They have many obstacles to overcome including their friends and families but you can't help but want to see them succeed as a couple. After Isobel has a falling out with her clique, she meets an awesome new supportive and quirky friend named Gwen. There are a few other interesting and mysterious characters we are introduced to in Varen's imaginative world where there is a fine line between good and evil.Nevermore builds to a tension-filled conclusion when the stakes are raised for Isobel and Varen. Their fate rests on Isobel's shoulders and I was filled with anxiety reading the suspenseful final pages. There is a lot of action at the end of the book, and a conclusion that will leave you yearning for the sequel. Recommended for fans of YA paranormals, Nevermore stands out from the pack.Nevermore is the first book in a planned trilogy by debut author Kelly Creagh. The next book is due out in 2012.