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The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey Series #2)

The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa This is a great series and one of the few where the sequel actually improves on the first book. The second book in the Iron Fey series is action packed and without a dull moment. It was easier to become immersed in the story in the second book and the story is well balanced with just the right amount of action and romance.Some favorite characters return in this book including Puck, Ash, and the cat that always shows up at just the right time Grimalkin. One of my other surprising favorite characters is one we were introduced to in the first book but who plays a more prominent role in this book. When you read the book I’m sure you will know who I’m referring to. The new characters such as the faerie Leanansidhe blended in seamlessly into the story.Meghan grows and matures in this story and rises to the challenges facing her. I really want to learn more about her powers.For those wanting more romance in The Iron King I think you will be pleased with The Iron Daughter. With the return of Puck, the romance is amped up and the love triangle is back in full force. Meghan has a tough decision to make between Ash and Puck.This series is gracefully written and blends mythology, action and romance flawlessly. I’m hooked and eager to read the conclusion of the series with The Iron Queen, due out January 25 2011.Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for providing the ARC for review.