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Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy 6)

Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead We have come to the epic conclusion of the Vampire Academy series. I have been looking forward to this book and wondering how things will end with Rose. The title had me a little worried wondering if Rose or one of the main characters dies. Overall Last Sacrifice is a satisfying conclusion to the series. The book is a thick volume, but fast paced. I purposely read it slowly to savor it.Rose and her friends are on an adventure to clear her name and solve the murder of the queen. Rose is also pursuing another agenda to try and help Lissa. There is a lot of political intrigue interwoven in the story along with the murder plot. While Rose and Lissa are separated through much of the action, we can sneak a peek into Lissa’s world through the bond.There is a lot of Rose and Dimitri interaction and sexual tension while they search for answers. Rose finally makes her choice between Dimitri and Adrian. I wasn’t too concerned with her choice and thought they were both ultimately good matches for her.Other players playing a role on this quest are Sydney and the Keepers, Victor Dashkov, along with favorites like Adrian, Christian and Abe. I definitely want to learn more about the Keepers in the spin-off series. All of the side characters were great in this series, and supportive to Rose on her journey.Last Sacrifice was action packed and full of growth and self-discovery for all the main characters. The murder investigation will keep you guessing throughout as you follow Rose and Lissa’s journey. There were a few storylines that were left open that I expect will be addressed in the spin-off.I have really enjoyed the Vampire Academy series overall and highly recommend it. I think the books have gotten better and better as the series progressed. Sorry to see this series end, and I will definitely be reading the spin-off series Bloodlines.