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Shade - Jeri Smith-Ready Shade is a new twist to the paranormal genre. In this world all children born after the "Shift" can see and talk to ghosts. Sixteen year old Aura is one of those who can communicate with the dead. This can be a bit of an intrusion on her life when ghosts interrupt her lunch to talk, but mainly the violet colored spirits are harmless.Ghosts have the potential to become Shades when they are unable to move on. Shades are angry, mean, dark ghosts.Things get complicated when Aura's rock star boyfriend Logan dies suddenly early on in the book. Since she can see him as a ghost they try to continue on with their relationship.Then, bring on the love triangle when new Scottish student Zachary enters the picture!This paranormal book was smart and unique, and I enjoyed the fresh perspective. There is fantasy, mystery, politics, friendship, family, grieving and a love triangle. I enjoyed Aura's character- she is intelligent and I felt for her predicament. This page turner is a great start to a new series and I can't wait to read what happens next with Shift!