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Incarceron - Catherine Fisher Incarceron is the first novel in a creative, original new ya fantasy series. I had first heard of this novel from the great word of mouth and about the upcoming film adaptation. Incarceron tells the story of a living prison/ evil character where it's inhabitants are not sure if there is an Outside or not. A prisoner, Finn, was told he was born there but he does not have any memories of his life. The warden's daughter, Claudia, lives on the outside in her own kind of prison, and begins to communicate with Finn through a special key device she finds.This book was a little too complicated, and intense for me. It was hard for me to get into and follow along. The pace picked up for me with the last third of the book, but I was lost in the beginning and abandoned it a couple times. I was hoping this book would be a little more in the style of The Hunger Games.There was nothing wrong with the writing for me or the concept, the style was just not for me. I am interested to see how this book translates to film though.