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Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry Series #1)

Perfect Chemistry - Simone Elkeles I took a little break from the paranormal to read this teen romance tale Perfect Chemistry. It is a cute story about high school seniors Alex and Brittany. Brittany has a seemingly "perfect" life, is a good student, a cheerleader and dates the quarterback. Alejandro (Alex) has had a rougher time of it, joining a gang after his father's murder. The two worlds collide when they are forced to be partners in chemistry class. After initially getting off to a rough start, Alex and Brittany learn more about each other and find they have more in common under the surface than they realized. And for the first time, they are letting someone else see who they really are. There are many obstacles along the way that keep Alex and Brittany apart. Friends and family are against the pairing, and Alex is forced to choose between the gang and going to college.The story is told by both Alex and Brittany in alternating chapters. I liked reading both their perspectives. This story is not that original, but it is is very enjoyable and well written and believable. The ending was a little too tidy for me, so I was surprised to recently find out there is a sequel. I look forward to following this author's work. The sequelRules of Attraction is about Alex's younger brother.