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Hex Hall

Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins Sophie Mercer is a teen witch. She has been experimenting with her new powers by casting love spells, etc. But her spells are starting to attract attention (prom night love spell gone very wrong), and her human mother & absentee warlock father thinks it's time that she learn to control her powers at a special school.At Hecate Hall Sophie rooms with a vampire, and attends classes with other witches and warlocks, faeries and shape shifters. There is also a mysterious string of deaths occurring at the school that surround Sophie.Sophie still feels like an outsider at school. She is not as advanced at her powers as her classmates. Her peers and instructors also judge her due to her warlock father's position in their society. She does not know who she can trust. There is also a potential love interest with Archer, a popular warlock at Hecate Hall. The premise is something we have seen before with Evernight, and perhaps Vampire Academy and Harry Potter (with a sprinkling of Mean Girls), but I think Hex Hall really shines with it's humor. Sophie has a great sense of humor, and the dialogue is fresh and very funny at times. The ending sets up the sequel very well, and I will be picking up: Demonglass