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Infinite Days

Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel I read a borrowed ARC of Infinite Days. It is the first book in a new paranormal YA trilogy by debut author Rebecca Maizel. Infinite Days is a fresh take on the vampire genre. Like many vampires, the centuries old vampire Lenah Beaudonte would like to become human again. Her vampire maker and lover Rhode suffers the ultimate sacrifice to make Lenah's dream a reality. Now sixteen year old human Lenah attends high school and learns how to be a regular teenage girl in modern times. Lenah also is on the run from her former vampire coven who want their queen to return. We learn more about Lenah's violent vampire past through flashbacks. Can Lenah escape her past and live out a normal human life? Infinite Days is a gripping and emotional read that has stayed with me since I finished it a couple weeks ago. The story has a languid pace while we get to learn Lenah's history and as she gets acclimated to her new life. The pace really picks up at the end and you will be anxious for the sequel to come out (Stolen Nights) due out in 2011.Recommended for readers of YA and vampire fans, even if you are sick of the genre - give this one a try.