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Fallen (Lauren Kate's Fallen Series #1)

Fallen - Lauren Kate Fallen is the first book in a young adult series by Lauren Kate. I was initially so excited to read this book because of the subject matter and the beautiful cover, then I started getting a little wary by some of the reviews. Overall, I ended up liking it, but not loving it.The pace is very slow. It kept my interest, but not a lot of plot happens in the first half of the book. Then there is a lot of development at the end, and I was still left with a lot of questions. I liked the setting and the descriptions used in the book. It was easy to visualize the dark, depressing school the author describes. And I enjoyed some of the side characters as well.Fallen takes place in Savannah, Georgia and tells the story of Luce, a teenager who is placed in a reform school because of her mysterious involvement in a classmate's death. At the school she finds herself in a love triangle with two students, Daniel and Cam. Meanwhile she is still dealing with the aftermath of the events that led her to the Sword & Cross school. There are some twists and turns and mystery that keep it interesting. I was sometimes frustrated with Luce and some of her choices. However, I am intrigued enough with the story to pick up the sequel Torment.