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Hello fellow book lovers! I'm Lucy and I blog about books, audiobooks and movies at The Reading Date. I'm testing the waters over here to see how it goes. What are you reading?


Fire - Kristin Cashore I loved this book! It is the companion novel/ prequel to Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I loved Graceling, but I love Fire even more! You do not need to read Graceling first, however you will probably want to read it anyway. These books are set in different times, and different lands, and only have one character in common. In Graceling we read about the Gracelings with different colored eyes, in Fire we learn about the Monsters. Fire is a human girl / monster who is beautiful and has the power to influence and read thoughts. She is feared by all around her and has to go out in disguises so she is not bothered or attacked. She is very kind, but worries she will turn into someone like her father, who was an evil king. Fire travels to another kingdom to use her psychic ability to help interrogate prisoners. While she is there, she slowly becomes close to Prince Brigan. He is very well suited to Fire, and I really enjoyed their relationship. There is fantasy, action, romance, suspense, friendship, and more in Fire. I can not wait to read the next book in the series Bitterblue.