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Captivate (Need)

Captivate - Carrie Jones Captivate is book 2 in the Need series. It has been a while since I read Need, but it was not hard at all to remember the characters and storyline and catch up with the story. Captivate continues right where Need left off. Zara, Nick, Issie and Devyn are still hunting pixies. These are mostly evil, killer pixies, not the nice, cute kind. Nick and Zara are a couple, she is half pixie and he is a werewolf/ shifter. Nick and Zara have more encounters with the pixies, and there is a war developing in the town between the weres and pixies. Sides will need to be chosen. Zara meets a pixie named Astley, who claims that not all pixies are killers, and some want to live peacefully. Zara works on coming to terms with her pixie side. That is all I can say before we get into spoiler territory!I really enjoyed this book, it was easy to get into and fast paced. There is lots of action, and some romance as well. I really hope there is another book in this series! The ending left me hanging, looking forward to the next book.